Thursday, January 03, 2013

2012 - the year in books summary

Here's the summary of totals for the books that I read during last year (here's the link to last year's for anyone who's interested):
  • Books by male authors: 53
  • Books by female authors:59
  • Plus one book written by both a man and a woman
  • Fiction: 86
  • Non-fiction: 27
  • English books: 108
  • German books: 5
  • Books re-read: 22
  • Bookclub books: 7
 I had a somewhat vague aim to read 12 non-fiction and 12 German books in 2012.  Didn't manage it with the German but more than doubled last year's amount, which is something.  And I have several books on hand that I didn't get around to reading last year which will give me a good start on German reading this year.

I read a lot more non-fiction although there are a couple of very short e-books included in that total.  Seven of the non-fiction books were auto-biographies but even taking both of those things into account I still read more than my aim and hope to continue with that this year. 

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