Friday, March 11, 2011

Food Waste Friday - 11 March 2011

Didn't do too badly this week.  I didn't end up cooking the red cabbage so that will be done next week - while the cabbage is still fine, I am throwing away a double portion of rice, which I cooked last Monday and deliberately made extra of so that I would have it for Wednesday to have with the cabbage.  But I worked late on Wednesday and when I got home just heated up some soup for dinner.  Apart from the rice, I'm glad I didn't end up cooking the cabbage as I had more than enough to get through as it was.

The only other thing I need to throw out this week is a very small amount of cream cheese, which I could have easily eaten last weekend but decided to save for an extra slice of bread later that day and just never went back to.

For my first week back into buying and cooking properly, I did alright, I think.  I finished all the bread and am having the last small bowl of leek and potato soup shortly followed by my main course of cornflakes.  Might quite a gourmet dinner but it'll let me use up all the milk.  I'm eating quite late but got gripped with online news coverage of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan for almost two hours after getting home from work.  One thing to hear it has happened, it is quite another to watch the footage.  The pictures of the tsunami in particular seem so quiet and like a gentle flow of water until you see something like a car or house and realise the scale of the thing!  My heart goes out to everyone affected.

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