Monday, March 28, 2011


I have the flu.  Poor me.  My doctor is on holiday so I had to go down the road to a neighbouring doctor who was looking after his patients while he's away.  Unfortunately that meant a long waiting time to be fitted in among her existing appointments.  On the other hand, waiting over two hours was just too much for me and I fell asleep in the waiting room, which may have helped her realise that it might be more than just a cough.  Actually, I'm still inclined to think of it as just a cough but I looked up the code she wrote on my sick note and it's 'flu without specific confirmation of a virus from a lab'.  She gave me a sick note until, and including, Thursday, which surprised me at first (I thought I might just get today off) but when I looked it up and saw flu, it makes a bit more sense.

She has given me ibuprofen to try and reduce the swelling in my throat and some paracodin drops for the cough, and which will hopefully allow me to get a proper night's sleep tonight.  I have also self-prescribed ice-cream to soothe my throat a bit.  Just looked up what paracodin is because I wasn't sure if it's codeine or not and it seems to have a very interesting list of potential side-effects of the type that make some people use it recreationally.  I don't tend to be susceptible to that kind of thing but I have to admit the idea of the possibility is kind of amusing me at the moment.  Maybe the drugs are kicking in after all.

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