Friday, May 02, 2014


It was a bank holiday yesterday and so I took today as a holiday in order to give myself a four-day weekend. Since it was my boss' last week before two weeks holidays and she spent the three days this week clearing everything from her desk that has been undealt with for months (meaning working till around nine every night), I am more than happy to have today off. Even if I do have mountains of work waiting on my desk for me on Monday.

Yesterday, I had a very lazy day, sleeping very late and only graduating to the couch at about one o'clock. If I hadn't had to go and meet someone at six, I wouldn't even have bothered getting dressed. I spent the afternoon setting up a LinkedIn profile for myself (handy for when I start my job search later in the year hopefully), surfing the web and exchanging emails with ecopunk, who doesn't believe I'm a hippy. Funny man.

I had been trying to convince myself that I'd spend some time this weekend sorting out the mess that is my bedroom and last night, when it was getting a bit chilly and I wanted to just go into the bedroom to grab a fleece and close the windows, I ended up spending half an hour dragging lots of that crap out to the sitting room. So no choice but to continue it today. And I'll have visitors tomorrow so I have to make some headway today. My main goal is to be able to move the writing desk into the bedroom. A lot of the stuff piled up will simply go back in but at least I'll have an idea again of what is there and it'll be a bit more tidily piled, allowing me to work on it in smaller amounts at a time over the next while.

It seems like after a certain amount of time has passed though, your eyes become accustomed to sliding over the dust and not realising just how horribly dusty and just plain old dirty things have gotten. I'm not bad at cleaning around things but that end of the room has gotten so bad that it wasn't even feasible to move things and clean around them. So I'm faced with sights like this (it was worse than it looks in this picture, believe me)
Still, that section has now been hoovered and well washed (hoovering alone just wasn't going to cut it!) and I'm just waiting for the floor to dry before I go back in and start rearranging furniture. I did manage to get a good look at one small basket that I have had for years and used for many different things over time. And in the bottom of it what looks suspiciously like that dusty stuff that is moth eggs. So out it has gone. Cost a pang but I cannot take the chance. Baskets are lovely but they just don't go well with moths!

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