Monday, January 07, 2013

Tough getting back to work

I really didn't plan on spending longer than a normal eight hours at work on my first day back but the fact that it is quarter end, we have a narrower than usual window to finish billing (1.5 days rather than the usual 4) and that I was away for a few weeks as well as, admittedly, spending quite a bit of time answering questions about my holiday, meant that it was a ridiculous thirteen.  Tomorrow is looking like being quite a stressful few hours until the twelve o'clock deadline but it was undoubtedly worth it to stay longer this evening.  Staying late did put the kibosh on my no-spend day though, as I got a taxi home.  I suspect I may not have been able to resist the desire to stop and buy a kebab if I had walked to the tram stop because I could feel that urge to stuff my face that the stress and unexpectedly long day was bringing on.  So I'm feeling kind of happy with myself for managing to keep on track with my food, even if I didn't stay quite on track with my spending.

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