Saturday, January 19, 2013

Notes of a few prices

Just a quick post, more for my own information looking back than anything else.  I'm not going out shopping today, haven't made a meal plan for the week and don't much care.  I didn't make the red cabbage meal I planned for last week so if I feel better enough to cook at some stage, I can make that.  I also still have eggs and I got some frozen chips and some wraps and pitta bread for the freezer so I have more than enough.  Unfortunately, the speck that I bought last week in order to add to the red cabbage has started to smell a little bit off so I'll have to dump that.  If I hadn't been feeling so rotten I might have thought to check it earlier in the week and I could have cooked it separately and put it in the freezer as well.  But these things happen when you're not well.  There's about a glass' worth of milk left in the fridge which is undoubtedly sour by now as well but the second litre I bought last week is in the freezer (I knew I wouldn't be able to get to it before it would go off anyway so put it straight in the freezer after buying it).  It can stay there until I feel more like eating again.  At the moment, the only reason I'm eating is because I have to have eaten properly before taking the antibiotics I was given.  I made the mistake on the first day of taking one after only having had a snack and my stomach did not like that too much.  The first couple of days I was sick I bought a whole pile of junk food as well but the crisps, the biscuits and most of the chocolate is gone now and I'm not buying anymore.  The old comfort foods just aren't quite as comforting as they used to be.

One of the things I also bought was some ham from the counter in Kaisers supermarket.  I got four slices and, silly me, didn't look at the label once she handed me the bag.  I've just checked it now so that I could make a note here of the kilo price and see that not only did I pay for my ham, I seem to have also paid for some sausages that I certainly didn't buy.  But the 1.25 is not enough to convince me to get dressed and go back to argue that point with the supermarket today, three days later.

Smoked, cooked ham from Kaisers: 19.90/kg

Fresh ginger from SuperBioMarkt: 9.90/kg

I may need to go and lie down again now.  I seem to have arrived back at the severe cough stage of this cold and it is exhausting.

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