Tuesday, January 01, 2013

I'm behind the times as always - but here's Imelda May

I'm hopeless when it comes to keeping up with what's current in music.  I did start listening to the radio a bit more during last year so at least I'm a bit more up to date these days.  On the other hand, German radio plays an awful lot of (my beloved) 80s hits as well as an awful lot of horrible summer DJ type music so I cannot claim to have been exposed to an awful lot of good music.  I caught a glimpse of Gangnam Style on one of those review of the year programs last night.  Even though I've seen take-offs of it a few times, that was the first time I'd actually seen what those were based on.  I don't really get it but am fairly used to that feeling.  As someone who loves the llama song, I can't really claim to necessarily know what's good or not, I suppose.

How and ever, I just came across an interview for Irish television's new year celebrations with a singer called Imelda May.  I've never heard of her before but she seems like a lovely down to earth woman and, having found a few things on youtube, I'm liking her stuff so far.  Here's a clip of her singing on the Graham Norton show, followed by a short interview, in which she talks about the honour of having her photo placed on the wall of the martial arts studio above her local chipper next to Bruce Lee, Elvis and Jesus.

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