Sunday, January 06, 2013

Blogs come and go

And sometimes I miss it.  There are a few blogs I used to read and enjoyed very much which have since been deleted or made private.  Blogs that are made private often have posts that request regular readers to apply for access as, for one reason or another, often privacy around use of photos) before it is taken private.  Or some people, having decided not to blog, let you know in advance so that you can exchange private contact information, find out where they'll be posting in the future or at least just give you the chance to say goodbye.  Having not really spent much time in the blogosphere for periods of months at a time over the last year or two, I've obviously missed out on quite a bit.  I'm removing these blogs from my read list but if any of them are still going and would like me to continue reading/would like to give me access, please just comment here and we can sort out email contact.

And, to all of these, I wish you the very best in your endeavours and would like to thank you for sharing parts of your life in such a lovely way.  Take care.

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Dani said...

You're lucky to be able to remove "expired" blogs from your list. I have tried a number of times and am not successful!