Monday, March 21, 2011

Frozen strawberries

On a somewhat random note, does anyone have any good recipes for using up frozen, pureed strawberries?  I froze lots of these last summer to use in making smoothies over the winter.  And then my smoothie maker promptly died on me.  I want to start clearing out my freezer and am just having a complete block when it comes to ideas for what to do with these strawberries.


Albedo said...

Off the top of my head:
Ice cream? Ice lollies? Strawberry Daquiris (whatever they are)? Duck in strawberry sauce? (huh?)Strawberry wine? Strawberry filling in a sponge cake (with added sugar or syrup)? Strawberry truffles (plain chocolate, double cream, butter, strawberry purée)?

dND said...

Pour over ice-cream or stir into yoghurt. Or even make into ice-cream or sorbet. I'm sure there must be a recipe online for a strawberry jam using frozen strawberries but my guess is you would have to use added pectin or make an apple and strawberry jam. Good luck with them :-)

click clack gorilla said...

My first thought was smoothies too, which obviously is no help to you without your smooth-y-fier. My second thought was of a beer I drank once in Frankfurt. It was a pils I think, and there were once-frozen strawberries in it. It gave the beer a delicious hint of strawberry, and when I ate the strawberries, they had a delicious hint of beer.