Friday, March 25, 2011

Food Waste Friday - 25 March 2011

Will have to add a photo later.  I very nearly managed to have no waste this week but was disgusted yesterday evening to discover that the bread I bought at the weekend and which I was planning on using to make more delicious toast for my supper, was already mouldy.  We've obviously managed to reach temperatures that will make it necessary for me to keep bread in the fridge again if I want to keep it for more than a day.  Particularly annoying as I still had quite a lot left and was plannig on slicing the rest up to go into the freezer for making croutons with sometime.  Sigh.

Will have to wait until tomorrow to post the photo as I'm waiting for batteries to charge for the camera.

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Edited to add photo:


Albedo said...

I'm astonished that your bread goes mouldy so quickly. Is it just bought bread which goes like that, or does home made bread go the same way? I can keep mine in a crock all year round without it going off for as long as it takes to eat it. Sometimes the birds get 4-day old crusts which are stale but definitely still edible, toasted anyway. Too many mould spores in the air perhaps? Do you have a problem with condensation or lack of ventilation?

Moonwaves said...

For the last while anyway, I can keep bread for more than a week and it doesn't go mouldy - might get too hard to eat myself, in which case it goes to the park for the ducks but not mouldy. The problem is that spring has sprung in a big way, we've had temps up to 17 degrees over the last week or so (although for the Germans of course, it is still not quite spring and they are wrapped up with coats and hats and scarves as normal for this time of year, while I'm down to t-shirts). And it does get very humid here as soon as temps go up.

I do have a mould issue in my kitchen - landlord is dragging on actually fixing it but in the meantime I clean that part of the wall regularly with a mould remover. The main issue, which just occurred to me, is, I think, that this bread was in a plastic bag. I normally get my bread wrapped in paper or in a paper bag so of course in addition to the heat it wasn't able to breathe at all.