Monday, April 09, 2018

House and home

Before I came down with the lurgy last week I did make some more progress on fixing up my home. Clearing out the boxes definitely helped. Still have a couple here full of papers and bits and pieces that need to be sorted but my bedroom is feeling so spacious.

After my guests left yesterday, I was putting the sofabed back to sofa mode and decided to turn it around to sit against the long wall instead of the window. I've been considering doing that for a while and although I'm not sure it actually looks or works better, for now I'm going to leave it that way. It feels like there's a little bit more space freed up that I can use to actually exercise in. Although the room does perhaps end up looking a bit narrower.

Much as I love the wooden armchair, I have admitted to myself that it really is just too big for my apartment. I need to clear it off and take a good picture to send to my sister. I think it would match her existing furniture really well but am not sure if she'd like it or want it. Since it was a gift to me from a good friend who was downsizing a few years ago, I'd like to pass it on to someone I know rather than just sell it or give it away to any old person.

Yesterday evening, I bestirred myself for long enough to hang the insect-proof netting curtain thing that I actually bought about a year ago and then never got around to putting up. Need to do some work on getting the side bits properly secured but at least it's up. Another baby step towards creating a home for myself. 


Sara said...

Are you okay? It's been quite a while since your last post, and you hadn't been well for a bit.

Moonwaves said...

Hi there and thanks for asking. I'm ok, and in the last few weeks have been wanting to get back to blogging but am swamped under by work. Find myself wondering what I need to change to incorporate blogging back into my life because I know for sure that I have done it in previous years when I was just as busy. It may involve cleaning up my living room to the point where I have a good space to sit and write. :)

Anonymous said...

Glad to know you're okay. I was about to ask how you were, too. I'm just an online stranger, but I was quite worried as well.

Thought you should know, though, that you've always been one of my favorite simple-living bloggers because your posts are relatable and unpretentious. But, of course, you shouldn't feel pressured to regularly post on your blog. Just do what makes you happy. *hugs*

-- Kim