Monday, February 15, 2016

Today I...

...was up and out on time to walk to my counselling session without having to rush (and arriving five minutes early) and didn't get too wet in the sleety rain
...remembered to bring my big backpack with me
...walked to the music shop after my session to pick up music for choir
...walked home from there and made myself some scrambled eggs for a late breakfast
...then remembered that I still had some sardines and onion left in the fridge, so I ate that as well to use it before it went off
...changed from jeans and nice jumper to tracksuit bottoms and slightly less nice but warmer jumper when I got home
...put away the clean dishes
...managed to catch up on reading some blogs while waiting for a phone call from the social welfare office
...remembered to take a multivitamin (no more colds for me this year!)
...exchanged emails with a friend who helped me out with something
...caught up on new episodes of The Good Wife and Madam Secretary
...had a phone call from a lovely, helpful woman from the social welfare office (amazing how much better the day is when you can a civil servant of that type on the other end of the line), which cleared up the last of the questions I had (including her volunteering some information which is probably going to work to my financial advantage)
...immediately set about filling out the rest of the forms they needed from me, photocopied and filed them straightaway, too
...typed up a quick cover letter and put the whole lot into an envelope
...also photocopied a form I needed to send back to my health insurance place to claim my €100 bonus for last year (you get this for doing a certain amount of things from a list, like having a smear test, getting a dental check-up, being a non-smoker, having a normal BMI, being a member of a sports club and so on)
...browned the mince to use for the cabbage roll stuffing
...changed back into "outdoors" clothes
...gathered empty bottles to return
...dropped one empty bottle into the bottle bank and brought the rest back to the supermarket to get the deposit back
...bought one bottle of beer so that the crate I have will be full again (it's from my leaving do from work, someone wandered off with a bottle so I needed another one to have a full crate to bring back for the deposit)
...stopped and bought stamps so I could post my letter to the health insurance place
...stopped at Woolworth and bought myself a hat since I had forgotten mine and temperatures have been hovering not much above zero all day
...managed to find a sale rack and buy a hat for €1 the tram to the social welfare office and dropped the forms off (official deadline to hand them in was today; because I had queries, I would have had a few days grace but I just wanted it done)
...walked home in a different direction - 3.81km and it took nearly 55 minutes but I did it. Gorgeous walking weather though, cold but not raining or sleeting anymore and beautiful colours in the sky as the sun slowly set
...had time to think while walking, enjoying the memory of a lovely message from someone special yesterday home before it was dark
...changed back into "indoors" clothes
...collapsed on the couch and wrote this for my blog

All in all, not a bad day. Amazing to think all of that took up just over ten hours. I'm going to chill out now for a while and then perhaps actually get around to stuffing some cabbage leaves.


Baroness Prudent Spending said...

Oh I just love super productive days like that. I'm having one myself today as well :-) I love to lay about but days like today really put me in a good mood!
Hope the rest of your week is good!
~ Pru

Moonwaves said...

Yep. Walking in the sun has really helped my mood today.