Sunday, February 21, 2016

Sunday evening

I used to do these Sunday night chit-chat posts every week but then the format changed, I think they went away entirely for a while and then I kind of stopped reading the original blog that started them and I got out of the habit. Laura over at the Occasional Nomads has been doing them for a while though so this evening (well, it's nearly midnight so it's almost Monday morning!) I thought I'd join in. It's a nice way to round off the week, look ahead to the next week and have something to post when you thought you had nothing to say.
A cowl I knit for my sister's birthday last September.
Never got around to posting about it and it's not worth its own post really, so here's a photo.

This evening I am:

Reading: Cooked by Michael Pollan. I've been reading this on and off for a couple of weeks. Interrupted last week to read Out of the Shelter by David Lodge, which I really enjoyed. I've read three of his books now, all quite different but all very enjoyable so I think I'll be adding more of his stuff to my reading lists in the future. Next up I'll be reading Burial Rites by Hannah Kent, which is this month's book club book.
Listening to: At the moment very little. It's late and just the occasional tram or car passing outside. If we were to talk about what CDs I've been listening to this past week, I've been switching between the Dixie Chicks, Bach's Mass in B-Minor, the soundtrack for Nashville and a recording of my choir from a concert we did last November.
Watching: I've been watching thirtysomething, which I almost never got to do when it was originally on television. Really enjoying it. Need to get to the library this week and see what else they have. Want to watch thirtysomething again though; so many things happened that I wanted to comment on or talk to someone about.
Cooking/baking: I've done no cooking or baking this weekend. Have parsley roots to use up though so will make oven chips out of them tomorrow, maybe with some sweet potato.
Happy I accomplished last week: Got some forms filled out (after multiple phone calls with the social welfare office for a week) and submitted. Had a productive day that day in general. I cut my hair (without making a mess). Had an interview on Friday and one way I prepared was by travelling to the place it was being held on Thursday to make sure I could find it and knew exactly where to go. After the interview I contacted a friend on the spur of the moment and we went for dinner and then into town for a few drinks and had a good time. And this morning, finally managed to meet up with the friend who is also now my accountant and got some things cleared up and a plan in place to get my taxes done soon.
Looking forward to next week: Happy Birthday Handel! Every year I travel to Halle to perform Handel's Messiah with about 400 other singers from around the world. Including several from Ireland who have become very good friends. I'm really looking forward to it. It has become such a special time each year.
Grateful for: Having managed to (just about) earn enough money translating to keep me going during unemployment before payments from social welfare kick in. I didn't intend to be out of work for this long (four months now) but I needed the time more than I realised and I am so glad I've been able to take it without have to settle for a job I hate.
Bonus question - what social media platforms do you use: Well, I blog, obviously. Also use twitter and instagram but don't really post often on those, it's more to follow other people. And retweet what they're saying. I do have a pinterest account but just use it to pin things I want to find again and not really to interact with others. I'm not sure if whatsapp counts as a social media platform, since it's more of a messaging platform but I do use that a lot. Not just to exchange text messages with people without charge but recently also to keep in touch with my group of friends from school. It's nice to have the group interaction there a bit.

So that's my Sunday evening. Didn't quite make it to the end without crossing over into Monday but sure what's a few minutes between friends....

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