Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Humming along

I love to sing. I'm not a great singer. I can mostly hold a tune although not always. I do well enough in choir because, really, it's not too hard to do when you've got ten or a hundred (depending on the choir) others singing the same as you. I'll even do my best to take my turn at a sing-a-long, although I really need to find a good song for that. Still haven't quite found the right one. I'm not much of a one for being front and centre either so mostly I'm happy to be singing along and need a bit of persuasion to get up on my own (I'll admit that sometimes I'm longing for someone to try and persuade me, silly though that may be).

Despite some friends' opinions that I should go on The Voice or similar program, I know that I'm not good enough for that. My voice doesn't have that certain something to be really good and, to be perfectly honest, I'm quite wooden, I suppose you might call it. Well, I suppose I can inject a certain amount of emotion into my singing but I'm definitely more of a sing the notes the way they're printed singer than someone who is able to take a song and make it their own. If I ever were to want to make a spectacle of myself on television, I'd be one of the thousands you never see. Not terrible enough to be made a show of, not good enough to wow. I'd say it would be more like polite applause, thank you for coming in, have a nice life.

But, I love to sing. Even during my darkest times I have almost always managed to keep going to choir and that has undoubtedly helped me through a lot. I always know when I'm coming out of a tough time because seemingly all of a sudden I'll catch myself humming, if not downright singing, throughout the day, with some tune or other never far from my lips. I'm so happy to have reached that place again. My dad was a singer like that, too, so something just feels right about there being someone singing in the house. Even if it's just me.

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Frau Heller said...

We have something in common. As a kid I was in three choirs and now as a grown up I cant hold a tune for the life of it. But that doesnt stop me from singing.