Friday, August 14, 2015

Re-visiting old lists - January Cure Assignment 2

Back at the beginning of January I started the Apartment Therapy January Cure. I didn't get much further than this assignment I think but since I was reminded of it while searching for something else I decided it would be a good place to start doing something I've been thinking of doing for a while anyway - revisiting some of the lists I have posted over the years and seeing what, if anything, has changed. So here we go, my original list and updates/comments, if I have any, in red.

  • Clear workroom half of bedroom (so that it can actually become, you know, my workroom)
    • Paint
  • Clear sleeping half of bedroom
    • Clear pile beside blanket box - done (and no new pile has accumulated)
    • Clear pile in front of cupboard unit - done (and no new pile)
    • Clear telephone table - took me a minute to even figure out what this is. Not completely done but I have moved this table to the other end of the bedroom so at least it's gone from the sleeping half.
    • Clear out locker 
    • Glue locker drawers properly
    • Sand down locker and paint?
    • Clear shelves of cupboard unit
    • Paint
    • Patch duvet cover
    • Check blanket box for potential bedclothes for dying - not really but I did pull out one or two things that I'm just going to get rid of
  • Finish emptying box (which the Table of Doom contents got transferred into last week when I had guests coming)
  • Find good way to store magazines
  • Go through loose recipes, get rid of what I'm never going to use and file others properly
  • Hang Van Gogh postcards - have hung three of these, need to figure out where I want to put the rest.
  • Wash rug - not yet but I did fold it up and put it to one side, don't really need it until weather gets cold anyway.
  • Clean couch
  • Clear out crafting cupboard so that two bags on top of it can go in it
  • Sand and paint crafting cupboard
  • Sand and paint tallboy
  • Sand and paint bookshelves
  • Re-paper end wall
    • Move bookshelves
    • Strip old paper
    • Hang new paper
  • Clean all doorknobs and window handles - did windows in sitting room but that's all so far
  • Set up wifi
  • Hang keep calm poster I got for my birthday - got frame and put it into frame so just need to get nails up and actually hang it
  • Paint hallway
  • Clear built-in cupboards in hallway
  • Put black backing paper in picture frames of Strasbourg pictures
  • Finish stripping paper in bathroom
  • Re-paper and paint bathroom
  • Hang pictures in bathroom - despite not having done the rest I have hung one picture
  • Get and hang new bathroom cabinet
  • Clear top of fridge
  • Put up shelves in kitchen
  • Strip paper in kitchen
  • Re-paper kitchen
  • Clear filter on washing machine
  • Deep clean cooker
  • Pot up aloe vera plants

So, not a huge amount done but I'm really glad I "found" this list again as a number of these things are small and easy fixes so I'll try and fit them in soon.

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Jennifer said...

I love lists. It seems most of the time I am fighting fires, so when I make a master list, I really tend to hammer away at it.

Getting settled in is a long process. Hopefully, this list will help you get there!