Saturday, July 18, 2015

Where does the time go?

Today has flown by but although I haven't gotten quite everything done that I wanted to, I have had a fairly productive day. It's only the last few hours that have gotten away from me, since it was getting a bit too warm to be moving much and I lay down on the couch with a book.

Yesterday I had my first proper fast day for a very long time. It felt great. Definitely easier to fast in hot weather, I think. I still don't quite keep to counting calories strictly but I do skip one meal (usually breakfast, which is more in tune with what my body seems to actually want anyway) and then make sure the other two are very light, with minimal or no snacking.

Today, a friend kindly offered to come over and help me write an application letter. He was going to be here at half-ten so I was up early for me on a Saturday and trying to tidy up a little bit before he arrived. Did get the bathroom cleaned, the floors swept and washed and myself into and out of the shower and dressed before he arrived so that wasn't bad going. I moved the big pile of ironing onto my bed and that's the last thing I'm going to tackle today, as soon as I've finished writing this. It ended up taking us two and a half hours to get a good letter together so hopefully that work will pay dividends. He also suggested a slight change to my CV which I think is actually a pretty big improvement - always good to get fresh eyes on something.

Once he was gone, I got the first wash into the oven and then headed out to buy a few bits and pieces. I more or less stuck to my list, just got the one or two things on it and a couple of herbs and spices that I've been missing for a while. Then it was back home, stopping for a nice chat with the designer who has a shop downstairs. I got a late lunch into the oven, did the few bits of washing up that were there and put away the shopping. I even put the herbs and spices straight into proper jars and labelled them. Then it was a phone call with another friend who I'd sent my letter to for proofreading. By then, the washing was finished so I got that out and hung up to dry and the second wash into the machine before I finally sat down to eat. Did the washing up immediately (really trying to keep this up - three days in now and it's going alright so far) and descaled the kettle. Now the second wash has been hung up to dry and the stuff that lives on top of the washing machine (when it's not actually running) has been moved back. It's a small thing but I so often leave the stuff just sitting on whatever surface I found to park it on and it'll be a good start to the week to have it already all tidy. Since I got the washing done today and it is hot at the moment, that should all be dry by tomorrow so I can have the clothes horse put away before the week starts as well. Hoping the effort will pay off by encouraging me to keep things a bit tidier throughout the week.

Anyway, the sun has just about passed behind the buildings across the way (isn't that a fabulous sky this evening?) so it's time to go and start opening windows now that the temperature will be dropping a bit. Then clear off the stuff piled on my bed and have an early night. Babysitting tomorrow so I'll need all my energy for that. Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend.

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