Monday, July 27, 2015

Feeling good

In an effort to acknowledge that not everything is always bad I just wanted to say that today I feel good. I feel like I've had one of those mental shifts that occur from time to time and make life just seem easier. And so I am trying to appreciate it and enjoy the power of now without giving in to the voices in the back of my head warning me that the next fall into a black hole is inevitably coming.

I washed the pots from last night this morning before work. Had tasty banana for breakfast and brought muesli into work for a mid-morning snack as well as some yoghurt. And a salad for lunch. And ate that lot plus two squares of dark chocolate and stayed away from vending machine. Walked home from work. And it was so lovely to see the clean dishes just needing to be put away. Lunchtime Tupperware is now steeping and I'll wash it in a minute. I've sat down with some crackers and quark dip and it was delicious. Phoned internet company to register that phone and internet are down and am really glad that I have a smartphone so that I can get online regardless. And I'll heat up the rest of the quiche shortly and eat it along with a couple of slices of toast dripping in lovely Irish salted butter.

Today life is good.

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Maria said...

Vending machines with Snickers are the plague of my life....