Saturday, July 04, 2015

Hot again today

The promised 42 degrees has not materialised although the last time I looked at the thermometer (about two hours ago) it was nearly 37. Where I come from five consecutive days of temperatures reaching 25 degrees is considered to be a heatwave so the past few days have involved me mostly trying not to move and very glad that work does have a form of climate control. It's not quite air conditioning but it usually stays in the low 20s so along with a fan on my desk from time to time, it's possible to stay cool enough to still work properly.

Today, I woke up at eight o'clock after a very bad night's sleep (it was very warm all night). Instead of rolling over to try and get another hour's sleep I checked the temperature. It was 26 already so I dragged myself out of bed, tidied out the fridge a bit, brought the rubbish down and went off to do a bit of shopping. Got home just before ten and closed the windows and I haven't been back outside yet. Although maybe I should try it for an hour - there was a nice breeze down by the river yesterday. The thought of putting clothes on is kind of unbearable though. I may just run myself a cold bath instead.

Managed to eat some tomato and mozzarella salad though so at least that's something. Trying to just keep drinking water - food is not too interesting at the moment. Still, at least it's not raining.


Fiona said...

That is crazy hot even for us here in Australia. And at least here our houses/offices are built with those temperatures in mind. It would be horrible to have no airconditioning at home and having to try to sleep.

Is this very typical each summer in Germany?

Moonwaves said...

We get a few days that hot each summer but normally around 30 would be more normal. It does get very humid and stuffy in my town though, so even days that are "only" 25 or 28 can feel a bit unbearable. Part of the reason I'd love to move down south and live in the mountains again - at least you have some hope of a bit of air. And it cools down overnight there, which it often doesn't do here.