Thursday, January 02, 2014

A place to start

Everybody needs one and so this morning (on the way back from the doctor, I've started the new year off in style with a horrible cold!) I stopped at the chemist's and got myself back up on the scales. I didn't bother in December with so much going on as well as the knowledge that it probably wouldn't be anything good. But, for the past week or so I have been making an effort to get back to some form of reasonable eating habits (although there have still been a packet or three of crisps in the mixture as well as some chocolate). And when I was in Frankfurt I did manage to get two really nice long walks in. Would have had another yesterday but it was grey and drizzly and I already felt like I might be coming down with something so I just had a short outing round the block to get some fresh air. Rather than putting it off until the end of January, after I will have supposedly been back to good habits for a full month, I thought it was better to just find out now where I stand and go from there.

And, it's not too bad. Still up but only just over half a kilo (a bit over 1 lb) since the last time I weighed myself at the beginning of November. Given that I gained nearly 4 lbs in September and almost the same again in October, it could have gone differently. I'm still struggling quite a lot not to overeat on junk food but while I can allow it for a certain amount of time following the kind of drama that went on in September, I've been very conscious that I need to get it back under control pretty sharpish. Things had been going so well that my unvoiced goal of having lost 10 kilos by February was looking like a distinct, even a fairly easily achievable possibility. That's not very likely to happen now.

Have to focus on the positive though. As they used to say some weeks in Weight Watchers if there was no movement, "don't think of it as no loss, think of it as no gain, that's good!" So, overall, from my heaviest, or at least the starting weight I was at in April, I'm still down 3.7 kilos or 8.16 lbs.

I'm going to continue with eating properly, cooking healthy food and trying to bring lunches to work every day when I go back next week. That'll be in combination with the 5:2 plan, when I'll fast on, probably, Thursdays and either Saturday or Sunday each week. I'll have to wait a bit to see how this cold plays out before I try any more exercise. It's gone straight to my lungs so breathing hurts a little bit and I have absolutely no inclination to do anything to make me breath any heavier. I did buy lots of lemons and a huge piece of ginger though and along with the big pot of honey I got just before christmas as well as numerous naps and taking it easy, hopefully it won't hang around very long.

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