Saturday, August 14, 2010

Piggybank raided

I prised open the piggybank full of coppers and had 11.15 - added the coins from a glass which has been serving as a piggy bank ever since I realised I lost the key to the actual piggy bank (the glass has been raided multiple times already) and ended up with 13.45.  Which greatly helps the budget this week (I had ten euro). 

I bought a kilo of plums from my usual stall and as we were chatting she ended up putting nearly two kilos in the bag.  She took some out again but still gave me nearly 1.5 kg for the price of 1 (which is 2.50), which was very nice of her.  I had just promised to bring her some plum vodka when it's ready - will have to make sure to follow through on that promise, that's for sure!

Down the other end of the market there is another stall selling apples and soft fruits - I went to them once when I first moved here but they were not terribly friendly or inclined to chat so I haven't gone back very often even when their prices are slightly lower than the others.  Today however I wanted to get some apricots for my rumtopf and they were the only ones who had them so I bought some apricots (which were 4/kg) and also some small plums.  Different variety than the ones I had already gotten and only 2/kg.

And since I raided the piggybank I went down to the greengrocer's on the corner and filled a big bag of their offer of the month tomatoes.  At this hour of the day, although they still looked like they had a lot left, I had to spend a few minutes picking out decent, non-bruised or otherwise damaged tomatoes.  I plan to can them tomorrow, already have lemons which need to be used up.  I bought just about 7kg (at 99c/kg) and was feeling bad about paying so much of that in small change but considering I used my own, heavier cloth bag and bought so much I was expecting at least for the amount to be rounded down and when it wasn't, I decided there was just no point in feeling bad about the small change. 

I also bought half a loaf of raisin bread in the bakery this morning, intending to bring it to the garden but I sneezed about 20 times in a row and don't feel great so whether it's allergies again or a cold starting I decided to give the garden a miss and instead ate the bread for a breakfast/mid-morning snack.  Yum.  That was 1.15.

So I have spent just short of 14 euro.  And I still have nearly ten euro of change left.  It's not much but it's just enough to stop me panicing because of not having any money.  Two weeks and a bit left till payday.  I can make it.

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