Friday, August 27, 2010

Food Waste Friday 27 August 2010

Not too bad a week this week but a couple of silly mistakes led to some food waste. 

First, I cooked some chickpeas so that I could have chickpea salad for lunch a couple of days.  But I forgot I was only cooking half the amount I normally would and didn't check on them until I started to smell that something wasn't right.  I have nothing against eating some things that are a little bit burnt and they didn't look too bad but it turns out that burnt chickpeas really aren't all that edible.  First world problems I know but since I have the privilege of choice, out they went.

I also didn't finish my bread on time.  I thought it would have been still okay to at least toast but it was rock solid and nothing could be done. 

That was actually earlier in the week and then this morning, just when I thought I'd have nothing else to report for FWF this week, I picked up the last four small tomatoes I had to put them in my lunchbox and discovered two of them had started going bad on the bottom.  Aaaaghh, I hate it when that happens.  Looks perfect until you pick it up and turn it over.  So the tops (or bottoms, depending on what way you were looking at it) got chopped off and dumped.

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