Sunday, August 22, 2010

Last week and a bit before payday

In my purse: 4.85 plus one lunch voucher worth 3.07

Today is being deemed a success.  I was very hungry coming home from choir rehearsal.  I had cereal for breakfast before leaving the house, some bread and cheese during both the breaks as well as some chocolate and waiting for the train I had a small apple.  But I left the house at quarter past seven and wasn't on the train home until after four so it was a long day.  I meant to bring something else for the journey home but ended up rushing out the door to make it to the train on time.  So by the time we were getting close to Dusseldorf at half-five I was really starting to feel the hunger.  I actually spent the last half-an-hour or so thinking about the kebab shop that would be only one minute walk from where I would be getting off the tram.  I even took out my purse to check how much money I had (a kebab costs 3 euro) and tried to convince myself that I could afford it.  But it's still just over a week till payday and I knew I should hang on to what I do have as long as I can.  And I managed to get off the train, on to the tram and then once I got off the tram just walk straight home.  I devoured the last of a jar of olives pretty quickly once I did get home (I hadn't even taken my bag off my back before I had taken them out of the fridge!) but that was more than enough to keep me going while I cooked a quick meal from the freezer (oven chips and fish fingers).  While that was cooking I prepared a small tomato salad and voila, by half-six I was eating dinner. 

Sometimes you need to not only take one day at a time, but one hour and one minute at a time as well.

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