Sunday, October 04, 2009

Things I still need for the apartment

I'm also in a bit of a list frenzy at the moment and have decided to put them up here so that I can keep track better.

Still to do in or buy for the apartment, some still just haven't been done since I moved in, some have been on the wishlist for a long time and are not so important

1. Cooker, gas hob and electric oven if possible
2. Kitchen cupboards, at least one floor to ceiling one
3. Possibly a cupboard to put the washing machine into and give me some worktop space
4. Gas cylinders for cooker
5. Coffee table - I'd like to get one of the plastic kids tables from Ikea, covered with a cloth it'll look fine and if I have kids to visit they have somewhere to colour etc. without their mothers worrying about them making a mess (which always seems to bother visitors way more than it does me, even if it's my home that the mess is being made in)
6. Lights in the bathroom and kitchen
7. Put up curtains
8. Paint kitchen
9. Paint hall
10. Paint bathroom
11. Paint sitting room
12. Paint bedroom
13. Make curtains to hang around butcher's block to stop everything on the shelves of it from getting so dirty
14. Reupholster kitchen chairs
15. Reinforce middle shelf in kitchen dresser
16. Really good big kitchen knife
17. Tiles for the bathroom.
18. Bed


Anonymous said...

Looks like we both moved recently! Oh, I can relate to this list. Wondering if I'll ever get anything on mine scratched off...

Moonwaves said...

I've been here just over a year now so not that recently. But at home renting usually means sharing a furnished house with someone. Here, you quite literally have to bring the kitchen sink (and the tap to go with it) with you when you move into a new place. It's a lot to furnish the entire place all at once so I've kind of done it in stages. My first weekend I just went to Ikea and bought a day-bed (single bed couch type thing), a couch, a wardrobe and a small butcher's block type thing. Then I bought a two-ring plug in cooker. Then I waited a couple of weeks and bought a fridge and a washing machine. And a sink and tap for the kitchen. And then I left things for a while but before I turned the whole place into an ad for Ikea I discovered these great second-hand shops so so slowly over the next few months bought some more cupboards, a dresser for the kitchen and a table and chairs. The second-hand Ikea stuff website yielded a second identical butcher's block thing so that I now had somewhere to use as countertop space (the cooker is on the other one). That brought me up to April and most of the spare cash I've had since then has gone into buying jars and things for my preserving efforts. So now it's time to get back to figuring out what I still need. I fully expect to still have a list like this at the end of another year!