Sunday, October 22, 2006

hard work

I know that, logically, I will have to do a lot more physical work than I am used to in order to live this lifestyle. But knowing that and getting there are two different things. I feel somehow that I should be well able to just go out and dig a hole in the garden if I need to with no bother at all. But of course that isn't the case and I'm still trying to get my composter built. Admittedly it hasn't been helped by many rainy weekend days, shorter days meaning that I can no longer get anything done during the week as it's dark by seven o'clock (when I get home from work) but still, I know in my heart and soul that I'm also being put off by the sheer physical labour and I really need to get over that.

First of all I dug out a trench which was much too narrow (must remember to keep that adage about measure, measure and measure again in mind) to fit an upended pallet into. Then I hadn't dug it level. Then I realised it was much too shallow. At that stage it could have done, but I don't want to risk the whole thing collapsing and would really like to do it a bit better. So, this morning I've been out digging again. Of course because I'm getting further down into the ground it's far more solid and difficult to dig. I was at it for 30 minutes and had to stop. I've been doing something else since but hope to get back out soon and finish it but my arms are already sore. Still, I got the rest of the space along the back garden wall covered in cardboard and newspaper and shovelled some soil from my digging on top of it. I'll have to get some manure and some more soil for it but at least it's a start on killing off all the moss and weeds. I think I just have a problem with wanting to be able to do it all and forgetting I'll need lots of time to learn as well as lots of time to get physically fit enough to do more. As well as a problem with estimating the amount of time it'll take to do something correctly. I figured I'd need about an hour or so to get this composter together and have spent a good bit longer than that already!


Rebecca said...

I made a pallet composter too. I didn't dig the pallets in, I just tied them together along the edges with hefty twine to make a cube of pallets, ie 4 pallets = 4 walls. It hasn't fallen down and is quite sturdy.

Moonwaves said...

That's probably the best way to do it. But unfortunately I'm limited on space (and pallets are wider than I thought at first) and also I need to have something very neat and tidy looking to make sure my landlady's happy. My plan was to have the back wall as the third side but that didn't work out quite the way I hoped so I'll need to find something to close it up at the back. And then build (or get my nephew to build) a simple but nice looking gate for the front and find something to put on top.

Phelan said...

I know that, logically, I will have to do a lot more physical work than I am used to in order to live this lifestyle

Sorry, I started laughing when I read that. I felt the same way. But it does get easier. The thing is, once you have done a certain project, and the muscles used for it are no longer sore, you start a new project that uses different ones.

But it is good for you. ha!

Good luck with you composter project.