Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Freezer's full now

Didn't get much done over the weekend except realise that once you start eating proper food your stomach might not appreciate being given a weekend full of takeaways.

I had a chicken to cook so roasted that on Sunday evening - just put some cloves of garlic into a few slits in the meat which gives a really lovely garlicy taste throughout the bird when it's cooked. Have all that chicken waiting to be used up now - think it'll be a stir-fry tomorrow and a chicken pie for the freezer.

Not that I have any space left in the freezer or any Tupperware left to use either! A friend gave me a whole load of apples last week so I finally got around to making loads of stewed apple yesterday. Spent about four hours peeling and chopping. I meant to weigh the apples before I started but forgot. I got about five litres of stewed apple though. Most of it has gone into the freezer but I still have two litres in the fridge because I ran out of freezer containers and space. As I didn't make it to the market this week (except for long enough to pick up my chicken) I have no apples to eat so this will do just as well. I thought I'd have to throw out more of the windfall apples than I did - only about two were too bruised/rotten to use. Feels like I have enough to be eating Irish apple for a couple of months anyway.

I also made stock from the chicken bones yesterday which turned out really well so I'll be able to make a lovely vegetable soup as well - should have done it at the weekend too but it was just one of those weekends. Made me realise that I really need to be more organised so that when busy weekends turn up unexpectedly I'm better able to fit proper eating in around everything else.

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Katie said...

Congrats on the full freezer - that is a delightful thing. Having homemade soup stock on hand is downright heavenly in my opinion and makes for lots of quick last minute meals.