Sunday, January 05, 2014

Visual journal - 5th January 2014

Some older photos today - my very first homemade christmas cake
Ready to go into the oven
Ready-rolled marzipan ready to go
Marzipan-covered cake - instead of the traditional apricot jam glaze to stick the marzipan to the cake with, I used some of my own strawberry jam to finish up a pot I had already open
Forgot to take a photo before covering it with cling film and need lots of work on my decorating skills but I do think it looks like a real cake. Friends that I did this for are only coming home this evening so haven't heard yet whether it tastes nice or not.


Anonymous said...

Wow looks wonderful! Even just the batter looks wonderful! I might have a go making one next year (I always say that!)

Moonwaves said...

I just had a phone call from my friend and she said it's absolutely delicious. That's a relief!