Sunday, January 19, 2014

Visual journal - 19th January 2014

Dinner - A Girl Called Jack's carrot, cumin and kidney bean balls with passata and lettuce in a wrap. Very good!

Made a giant pot of leek and potato soup - lunches taken care of for this week and a couple for the freezer


Fiona said...

I *wish* I could get organised like that to have super-healthy lunches all ready to go! Looks delish.

Moonwaves said...

Have to admit it didn't quite work out today. Overslept badly and didn't have time to heat the soup up before leaving the house (we've no microwave in work). So, I've switched days a bit, did fasting this morning and got takeaway (gnocchi with tuna) for lunch. Will have to grab something small on the run this evening on the way to choir and then make sure to be up on time tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Your soup looks lovely!