Saturday, January 11, 2014

Visual journal - 11th January 2014

Things like this are the reason I have too much stuff - 4 Partylite votive candles that I set on this lovely glass saucer/candle holder, not realising that they become completely fluid when burning (they're supposed to). Managed to catch it just before it completely ruined my table but that's at least four years ago. I haven't made candles for years and although I vaguely thought I'd use these to melt down and make new ones out of, they've just been sitting in a drawer taking up space. Went to a Partylite party this afternoon and brought this along to give to the candle lady - she can use it as an example of what not to do. And now I get my nice glass saucer back to use for the type of pillar candle that doesn't become completely fluid when burning.


Anonymous said...

LOL! Smushed candles are better than exploding candles I guess :) That happened to me recently with an expensive candle that was given to me as a gift. It burned all the way to the bottom, and then exploded, ripping my Ikea "Lack" table, giving me some nice mess to clean up. I love candles though, so soothing :)

lisa-marie hill said...

Hi there, I am a partylite consultant. to avoid this happening, ideally once the wax is down to 3cm then discard of it.
I think because all the wax is used, the candles dont just go out half way through like most other candles do, so more care is required with ours.
I do hope this hasnt happened anymore. I am happy to email you my candle care chart, as this shows the useage times and when to discard of the product.

Moonwaves said...

You may have noticed that photo is more than two years old, showing something I had done several years before that. Don't worry, it was only the first time that I ordered candles that I had that problem - after that I actually went to a party and got all the information and tips I needed. :)
I would just say that recommending discarding the candle when it's down to 3cm is a bit silly though. One of Partylite's best selling points, to me, is as you say, that once you take care to use the candles properly, you really can use them all the way down to the end. If I had to discard them before they were actually used up, I would never bother paying Partylite prices to get good candles.