Wednesday, January 01, 2014

New Year Fun - 2013 Edition

It appears I'm a sucker for an easy play-along blog game, especially if it's the type that allows me to do a non-traditional look back at the year. So, along with my year in books post (and there's still lots of time to join in with that one if you like, head over to Clickclackgorilla to link up), I'm going to do Diary of a Stay at Home Mom's New Year Fun 2013 Edition, where all you have to do is post the first sentence of your first blog post for each month in 2013. You can post a photo for each month too, if you like, but I'm not going to do that part. If you join in, please do take the time to head over there and link up. 'Tis only polite. Here goes...

I'm hopeless when it comes to keeping up with what's current in music.

Here's the breakdown of what I've spent this week, from Saturday until today. 

I don't really have the staying power to read lots of blogs at the moment and after having missed a few days last week as well, I'm going to fall very behind.
(Note: actually, I'm glad I just re-read the beginning of this post as it reminded me of something I wanted to try to be able to better track my spending when I go to Halle to sing at the end of February.)

Just saw a mention of this on Kat's Sunday night chit-chat and, given that April is only starting, I decided to just go ahead and sign up for the Blogging from A to Z April challenge.

I've made great progress over the last few years in ditching the disposables and trying to reduce the amount of waste I produce. 

I've had a busy morning after a late start.

I had my first German lesson this evening and spent the walk home just positively thrilling to the feeling of learning again. 

I'm having a week of non-happening on the food preserving side of things.

I totally suck at this novel writing thing.

I’m not really much of a one for joining in with challenges, or else I join up and then don’t actually do much to actually join in.

Heading off for a choir rehearsal weekend ahead of our big concert next week.

So, the Sealed Pot Challenge has come to an end.

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Sarah@Like sunshine in the home said...

It's fun to look back over the year. I enjoyed doing Sandra's fun 2013 post too.

Happy New Year! :)