Sunday, August 29, 2010

Yet more bread and lots of singing

Just a quick one so that I am keeping track of how I'm making the bread so I can figure out which combination works best for me.  The last one was pretty good but a little bit dry so I made today's a slighty damper/stickier dough.

This evening, after coming home from another all day rehearsal I was really hungry again.  Out came some olives from the fridge as soon as I got home in the hopes of staving off my hunger while I cooked something.  I had already decided to make pineapple rice as it will give me a couple of helpings that can be used as lunches this week and before I left this morning I had put the rice out on the counter along with a small tin of pineapple.  I did this on Friday as well when I left out a tin of tomatoes, some passata and a tin of tuna but got home so late from work that I ended up just cooking some pasta and having that with cheese.  But I made enough pasta to make the pasta bake even easier to put together yesterday.  Chopped up a courgette, some onions, garlic and sauteed them then added the tin of tomatoes, the passata and the tuna not to mention lots and lots of herbs and black pepper.  Cooked all of that then put it in an oven dish with the pasta, topped with the remaining breadcrumbs/grated cheese mix I had in the freezer and it all went in the oven for quarter of an hour or so.  The kind of busy way my life is going at the moment, if I hadn't already left the stuff out on the counter there's a good chance I would have felt very stressed about getting something cooked for dinner.

So today, once I got home, it was easy enough to put the rice on to cook, add the onions, stock cube and tumeric and then let that all cook while I washed my bowl from this morning, made the bread and washed the mixing bowl.  Then all I needed to do was throw in the currants and pineapple and wait for it to be all heated through before sitting down to eat just over half an hour after arriving home.  It's all very easy really and yet if I had had money in my purse I  know I would have stopped on the way home to get a pizza or eat out somewhere.

The bread today had just over half wholemeal (bio from rewe) flour, the rest mostly 1050 and made up to 450g with some 550.  I used the rest of the gut + gunstig buttermilk still left from during the week *about 200ml) and then about half a carton of tengelman starmarke buttermilk (which was on special offer at 27c).  Plus the usual heaped teaspoon of bicarb, 1 teaspoon of salt and 1 of sugar. 

Rehearsals are going pretty well though, one more left before the final week and that's when it'll all change.  I'm singing in the Symphony of a Thousand and for the two weekend rehearsals we've done, it has just been what the call the 'lay' choirs.  Tomorrow those of us who registered as individual singers have been invited to rehearse with one of the professional choirs and then on Monday week we will have our first rehearsals all together.  Just over 1,100 singers and something like 300 or 400 in the orchestras.  It will be an experience!

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