Friday, August 13, 2010

Food Waste Friday 13 August 2010

A bad, bad week this week.  I've done far too much emotional eating and not enough clearing out the healthy stuff before it goes bad.  My food waste Friday has actually been running all week I think.

About 700g raspberries because I didn't get to process them on time (expensive mistake)

Also had to dump seven or eight plums over the course of the week as they seemed to be turning just a bit faster than I was eating them

I finally dumped the chard (sitting in the fridge waiting for me to do something with it for weeks now) and whitecurrants.

There are some strawberries in the fridge that are going to have to go as well - I bought them on Saturday, ate some on Sunday, had more in a smoothie on Tuesday but could taste that they were already starting to ferment and then before I had a chance to think about making another smoothie on Wednesday, my Amazing Bullet (I just did a quick google to see if I could find an image so you'd know what I was talking about and an entire blog devoted to it - I love the internet), where was I?  Ah yes, my amazing bullet died.  There are two blade attachments (which are also the lids for when using it), one died a year or so ago (the rubber seal came out and every once in a while I try to get it back in again but haven't succeeded yet) and the other bit the dust this week.  So now the strawberries are still just sitting in the fridge waiting for me to have the energy to throw them out.

Ditto for the leftover salad from my fajitas night - I was convinced I would eat this over the weekend but it's still there and at 10 days old, there's not much chance of me eating it now.

I will get rid of those things out of the fridge tomorrow morning - no point in doing it now and having them sit in the bin overnight - I have had enough of a fruitfly problem this week after not bringing the bin downstairs immediately after throwing a couple of plums out at the weekend.  So it'll wait until tomorrow and I'll bring it straight out.  Which reminds me that I have three glasses with vinegar and lots of dead fruitflys to get rid of as well.  Lovely.

Edited to add: 2.5 slices smoked turkey - this should have still been okay but smelled just dodgy enough that I didn't want to risk it.

Here's to a better week next week (as I have almost no money to spend this month and will be mostly living from the storecupboard, things should improve on the waste side).

Food Waste Friday is, as always, hosted by The Frugal Girl

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