Monday, October 23, 2006

Nearly done

Well, after spending a couple of hours in work yesterday afternoon I realised that instead of the rain I thought had been forecast, not only was it still dry, it was sunny. So home I went and attacked the hole with renewed vigour. I finally got one side in and then the other. Not quite straight as the back is slightly wider than the front but close enough. It was nearly getting dark by the time I'd finished but I also managed to cut the grass (hopefully for the last time this year) and then actually put all the stuff in my new composter that I had. Some dead clematis and other climbing plants which were cut down about a month ago made a nice woody base which should allow some drainage. Then the grass cuttings. Some shredded newspaper. Then I emptied all the containers I grew courgettes and lettuce in this summer. I covered it all with a layer of newspaper which I soaked to keep in place. And finally even though it was full dark at this stage I swept the pavements and tidied up all the now empty pots. Such a great feeling to have done all those last little things I've been meaning to do for weeks.

I still need a back and a front for my composter. I intended our back wall to be the back of it but unfortunately couldn't dig down that close to the wall without destroying what I assume is the foundation of said wall. So there is a two or three inch gap at the back. Then I need something to cover the front and the top as well. If it were just me I'd probably leave it open but as it's a rented house in suburbia I need to have it looking neat and tidy looking for the landlord and minimise the chance of any critters (local cats included) getting at it.

One of my nephews recently finished school but hasn't yet decided what to do with his life. I know he loved woodwork in school so am thinking of asking him to build me something simple for the back, front and top. I'm sure he'd appreciate a bit of cash and while I'd love to do it by using bits of other people's rubbish I know I'd take ages more to get it finished that way. Will have to think a bit more about it. There are a few skips on the roads near me at the moment, I might see what I can scrounge from them first.

I'm a bit stiff today after all that but not too bad. Have some ironing to do this evening to keep me in work clothes for the rest of the week so hopefully that might loosen up anything that's still stiff by the end of the day. All in all I'm very pleased with my Sunday this week.

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