Saturday, August 05, 2017

Ten Things

I'm taking a cue from Andy and posting a list of ten things just to write something, anything.
"...writing ten things from the day. Not good, bad or profound, just ten observations"

  1. I should be translating and am procrastinating.
  2. Today I have baked a banana/coconut cake, a fruit of the forest yoghurt cake, and a batch of vegan banana/coconut muffins. 
  3. I really need to buy baking powder that isn't out of date.
  4. I'm currently nursing 12 mosquito bites, all from Thursday but all looking red and nasty - appaently the mosquitos around here particularly vicious this year.
  5. I love calamine lotion.
  6. I killed a mosquito yesterday before going to bed. So there.
  7. I'm going to a birthday picnic on the Neckar this evening, which I think I will probably enjoy very much, but I don't want to have to go to it or be at it. 
  8. After nine years, it still feels wrong to have to close the windows when it get warm outside.
  9. So far my plan to paint or draw something two or three times a month has resulted in one attempt at a painting in a copybook this year but the August page of my Monet calendar is calling me to attempt something similar.
  10. Ten things really can be difficult to come up with. But I have to go and rescue the muffins from the oven anyway. 
Anyone else have ten things to write about?

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