Saturday, October 15, 2016


Still have a few boxes to unpack, although I'm not really planning on finishing all of that anytime soon. This evening, though, I had a yen to rewatch Buffy and so I tackled the box that I knew had my small collection of DVDs in it. I don't have the whole set and some of what I do have is on video but I do have the first series on DVD, so I'm good for now.

One thing that I did also find, however, was tucked away in a shoebox that was also in that bigger one. I can't remember exactly from when it is, I think probably around when I was sixteen or so, possibly even a year or two later. I may have had it done at the annual post-xmas funfair in Dublin called Funderland, or it may have been a one-off stand in the local shopping centre. Like horoscopes, I think this kind of thing seems terribly accurate if you're a bit susceptible (which, let's face it, as I teenager I really, really was) because it's so general it fits everyone and you can always find something positive in it. Actually, I'd kind of like to do something like this again now to see how similar the results would be. At any rate, here you have it, the results of a computer generated analysis of my signature (my signature is surprisingly similar today, which is why I think it's possible that I may have been a year or two older than sixteen - the only thing that has changed really is that the "J" at the start of my name has become much more the rounded shape that I wanted it to be):

"You have a dominating personality. You are not inclined to take many chances. Others see your personality as clear and sharp. You possess a sympathetic nature. You have a distinctive and original personality. You tire easily."

There are two graphs at the top of the page as well. One is supposed to show, using the angle of your signature, whether you react more with emotion or with logic. Mine is mostly straight up, with just one letter slanting towards the logical side of things so, as in so many things, I'm average again.

The second graph shows variously different traits and a bar of where you land above or below that line. The two longest positive lines on mine are happiness and communication. After that there are four slightly shorter ones: aggressiveness, judgement, responsibility, stability. And then energetic is only about half the length, with certainty half again as short. Appreciation barely shows above the line but doesnt' sink below it either. And composure is about as much above the line as that but also sinks a good bit below it, too.

So there you have it. "Insights" into my personality, courtesy of an early 90s computer. :-)

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