Saturday, October 01, 2016

Blog list

Since blogger, for some reason, seems to have messed up the blogroll gadget I've spent a bit of time today searching through cached pages to try and get it all back. I could easily find the ones I read regularly but I had others on the list that perhaps haven't posted for a while or don't post very regularly and that I don't want to forget just because they don't post frequently. And a few that seem to have since been deleted, too, which always makes me a bit sad because even if someone isn't posting anymore, what they've written is often still worth reading. I hate that some people feel the need to delete parts of themselves. While understanding it from a rational point of view, I just really struggle with it at a more fundamental level. Anyway, in the hopes of not losing this information quite as easily again, I'm posting a list here (and saving it all in a separate document on my computer, too).

These are the ones that are gone or blocked. In some cases I know why, but it's still a shame to me and I like to at least acknowledge them instead of just deleting.

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Anonymous said...

Hi. I hope you can help me (and thanks for posting such a great list, by the way)
I was part of SFT's Sealed Pot Challenge for several years, then life became complicated as my sister and I cared for our mother in hospital, then I moved to stay with friends in Washington State. So I didn't do much in 2015 and forgot to even sign up in 2016.

I clicked don the link you provided but received a message that the site is now only open to those who have been invited. I would like to join in the challenge again. Would it be possible for you to contact Mrs. SFT and ask her to invite me? My name is Linne and my blog is She will remember me, or at least hae a record, I'm sure.

Thanks for any help you can give. Please let me know if you cannot do this; just so I don't wait for an email that won't come. I'm sure you understand.
Thanks again. ~ Linne