Sunday, August 14, 2016

Home-fixed phone cover

When I got my smartphone a couple of years ago I didn't buy the very pricey leather case on offer in the shop I bought it in, instead choosing to go into a shop just down the road selling nothing but phone cases and getting one there. I paid 9.90, which I think was about the cheapest one there and, given that the one I had left behind in the other shop cost closer to 40, I was happy enough with it.

Look closely and you can see the indents where the diamante
used to be

Even if it was covered in little diamante yokes.

It didn't take me long to pry them all off. It has since seen a lot of wear and tear and at the networking events I attended at the start of July, I actually felt very self-conscious about leaving it on the desk in front of me. I had already been thinking I should look for a new cover and that made my mind up.

I'm not terribly concerned with image but I know many people are and since I'm now also running my own business and using networking events like that to try and make new contacts and maybe get some new customers, I do feel like I need to make at least a small effort.

For whatever reason, I kept putting off and forgetting to look for a new cover but next week I will be attending the summer school I have been organising in my new day job and, even though academia is turning out to be way more casual than my previous work life, I thought it was really time to finally get something.

And then it occurred to me that since I'm broke, maybe I could try and cobble together something at home first. If it didn't work out, I could just buy one anyway and if it did work out, I'd have saved a little bit. So I dragged some material out of my stash (a patchwork material that I bought as a remnant years and years ago) and found the craft glue that I bought to make a fancy album for my sister's wedding. She has just celebrated her 10th anniversary but thankfully the glue still works.

A little bit of cutting and glueing and I just about managed to get something that might not be very office-professional looking but at least is a bit less ragged and dirty looking.
I even managed to cut a hole for the camera and flash

And I remembered to do the magnetic clasp bit
I didn't spend a huge amount of time on it, as I had ironing to do. Finally managed to figure out how to put on the new cover I bought and badly needed to iron some clothes to bring to the summer school. So there is one tiny part wher I didn't quite manage to get the material quite right but for the most part, it's fine. Nor is it all finished and pretty looking from the inside. But again, it's fine.

So, it may not be the sleek leather most professionals might go for, but I think it's got a kind of cool, funky vibe that I'm not at all averse to. And maybe one day I'll use the rest of that material to finally make myself that skirt that I originally envisaged. This is enough for now. And now I'm all inspired to make another one or two covers - if I used some elastic I could perhaps make them similar to fitted bedsheets so I could swap them out depending on my mood.

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