Thursday, August 18, 2016

A rant that became two

I'm at a week-long residential summer school at the moment. Since I'm one of the organisers that means that while workshops are going on, I just have to hang around and since the wifi seems to be cooperating today, I was going to use the chance to blog about something I really need to vent about. But google won't let me log on to blogger from my laptop unless I use my smartphone to confirm my identity. I have always declined their suggestions to link account with smartphone (for a few different reasons, one of which, I will admit, is no, I don't want you to have all of my contact information). But even though I went through their other option of answering questions and waiting for a code to be emailed to me, they still won't let me log in because they were "ubable to identify me". Such a joke and after ten years, I'm really not happy with that. So now I'm having to type this on my smartphone (ha!), which is always a pain, too.

My original rant was about people getting together to buy presents and casually assuming that everyone can drop fifty quid on a present on a few days notice. Have two separate groups at the moment, for two events where we were specifically asked not to give presents. One a wedding where the couple asked for donations to a particular charity. I find it beyond stressfull to then have to go through a week of dozens of group messages to gather money for a present after all. Especially in view of the fact that they all know I've just moved and am not working full-time at the moment. Sorry, my budget is set way more in advance than just a week. Which is why I have money to travel back to Dusseldorf for these parties, have a small amount set aside to donate, and some candles from my stash as a token house-warming/thanks-for-letting-me-stay present for the other friend who has said more than once that she doesn't want anything. And don't have nearly a hundred quid lying around to contribute to group presents! It all just makes me want to stay at home. And to be truthful, it makes me a bit sad that the whole thing is making me glad that I moved away from this crowd and can now slowly let the contact drop.

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Baroness Prudent Spending said...

Hi Moonwaves. Been a long time since I dropped in on your blog :-)

Wanted to say that I totally hear you on the gifts issue. It can be very inconsiderate. I'm sure you managed it well. Hoping the translation work and cash flow picks up for you soon.

~ Pru