Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Good enough

It's not perfect but after three coats I'm calling it good enough. Before and after....

I will try and clean paint off the hinges and drawer handles. Wanted to replace the handles but they are not coming off. Very old tallboy this, used to be in my mum's bedroom and I'm fairly certain it's at least a few years older than me.

'Scuse the photos, as always. Before was taken in evening and after...well, let's just say there are boxes blocking the light.
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James said...

Greetings from the free part of Europe. I bring blessings for the oppressed people of EUlandia under the iron thumb of Herr Merkel.

Eegit. You could have removed the fittings and hinges afore painting.

Do girlies know nothing of screwdrivers?

Moonwaves said...

Ha. Bet you have an Irish passport!

This girly even has several screwdrivers of her own (and only one of them is pink!). Unfortunately, my girly strength was no match for the very old hinges and drawer handles. I did manage to get the lock off, at least. Considering the key has been lost for decades, I don't think I'll bother replacing it either. At least I didn't just paint them all white, too.

P.S. I haven't been ignoring your email, it's one of several dozen I still need to reply to. Might get to them all by the end of the year. :-)

James said...

Of course, I have an Irish passport. Don't live there though. Any more than you would.

Okay, so you have screwdrivers. Add WD40 to the toolchest.

I forget what I wrote in my email so replying to it would be pointless.

Hurry up with the dueling scar and photo.