Tuesday, March 29, 2016


There are so many things I could say about Ireland and 1916 but, as always, I'm not organised enough to have properly gathered my thoughts. Particularly since, as with so many things to do with the place I'm from, those thoughts tend to be full of conflict and paradox.

At any rate, I know some who read this blog are interested in all things Irish and I thought you might like to watch Centenary. I've only watched a small amount so far but it looks and sounds great. And it certainly got rave reviews all over twitter last night when it took place. It's available now on the RTE player, but only for a month so if you'd like to see it, click http://www.rte.ie/player/de/show/centenary-30003958/10552342/ before 27 April. Hopefully that link works. If not just google RTE player and type Centenary into the search box. I suspect it may become the top viewed programme for the next while so it shouldn't be too difficult to find. Enjoy!


Fiona said...

Hi Moonwaves, thanks for the link! I'm very interested to watch it. Back in high school here in Oz we learnt the basics(and were taught poems like Yates' 'Easter 1916.') I'd love to learn more.

A side note but we have Irish friends here who keep telling me to download that RTE Player thing but I haven't done it yet. Must do!

Moonwaves said...

To be honest, the RTE Player has such a restricted selection of stuff for international (as opposed to in Ireland) viewers, it's barely worth it. But the online version does show good things sometimes. I don't think you have to download anything to watch the web version - give it a go and see. I have to admit that I found the reading of the Proclamation very, very moving. Wouldn't have really thought I was that sentimental about what was, after all, a fairly undemocratic and failed rebellion but I had tears in my eyes. Ireland might not have achieved what was laid out in it, but the goals are very worthwhile I think.