Monday, September 14, 2015

Contemplating a logo

Just on the off-chance that one of my readers does this kind of thing or knows someone who does (and in the hopes this doesn't end up with me being spammed). I'm getting my sideline of translating up and going and about to order business cards and register a website. All terribly grown-up, yikes!

Anyway, it has got me thinking about the question of logos. And I have no idea how much getting one of those designed costs. I'm not terribly convinced it'd be a good value way to spend money, based on the kind of small side-business I'll have but it wouldn't hurt to gather some information and even pricing options. So, if anyone knows anyone who does that kind of thing or does it themselves, let me know.


Yoko said...

What about Jenna Woginrich at Cold Antler Farm? I know she designs logos and does a good job, have no idea on pricing. Hope this helps. :)

Moonwaves said...

I actually thought about Jenna the other day and remembered her once offering some unused logos. Given what I'm thinking of, she could be a good fit. Some googling led me to a few different ideas on price so that's something anyway. As with everything else with this side-business though, it's going to be a case of waiting until the business makes money before getting anything done. The old speculate-to-accumulate wisdom will not apply here. Or at least, will only apply once I have cash in hand to be speculating with! Thanks for commenting.