Friday, September 04, 2015

The mess always gets worse before it gets better

At least, hopefully, it will get better eventually. I have a stand at a local flea market tomorrow and am kind of regretting now that I said I'd do it, as I haven't done the slowly but surely gathering of stuff over three or four weeks that I had planned on. A ridiculously bad mood has been plaguing me since my last post and I've totally lost my good eating, cooking, exercising and keeping things going mojo. Well, I have mostly managed to keep on top of the washing-up, only leaving things lying once or twice for a day.

Throw in an upgrade to Windows 10, a resulting/coincidental issue with my anti-virus followed by an hour or two searching the web for a solution and an incredibly frustrating 45 minutes interacting/trying to interact with Microsoft's online tech support during which I managed to burn the white beans that were going to form the basis of my first healthy lunch for two weeks, not to mention leave me leftovers for tomorrow, and, well, bad mood all over again today.

But I'm trying to get through some stuff at least and trying to be as ruthless as possible in deciding what to get rid of. So a lot of clothes that have survived previous purges are on the pile - even some that actually would fit in to the KonMari standard of "does it bring you joy".
A lot more are staying, many that don't actually fit at the moment but once again I was faced with the fact that I have quite a lot of good quality clothes, better quality than is sometimes available these days and, the last two weeks notwithstanding, I am losing weight and will be able to use them again soon enough. Still, I have a fairly big pile going and more to sort through so it's something at least.


Jennifer said...

I am with you! Bad mood over the past few weeks. Seeing a light at the end of tunnel though and maybe this purge and market will be just what you need to get back in the game.

Moonwaves said...

Here's hoping! I mentioned to one colleague the other day that I was doing the market and since she has just done a big declutter she immediately offered to give me the boxes of stuff she had been planning to bring to a charity shop. She said she didn't want any money for the stuff but in the end did add one or two things that she wants to sell for "proper" prices or not at all. She was supposed to bring the stuff to me at lunchtime today. Then said late afternoon. I texted after six and she ended up coming just before seven. Aaagh. Not helping my mood, specially when she started giving instructions for the different things.
Another friend (who lives close to where the market is being held) was going to call over in the afternoon after work to pick up a ladder I want to get rid of and the folding table I was borrowing to use as my stall. Only, I had to pick that table up from the friends who were lending it. Since the people I was waiting for this afternoon didn't show up but also didn't phone to say they were coming late, I was stuck at home and couldn't go and pick up the table. Which meant I was messing my friends around. My friend with the car phoned me around six to say she was just sending an email (she needed to check on some details with me as it was for an association we're both involved with) and then would be over straight away. She actually turned up at quarter to eight. These things happen, something came up with her hubby that had to be dealt with but, again, no word. So, again, I was left sitting waiting. I finally told my friends with the table that I was sorry for messing them around but that I'd just leave it - they wanted to get to bed early as their kid has been sleeping very badly the last week or so and they've been running on just a few hours most nights. When my friend with the car finally did make it here I ended up just asking her to take most of my stuff - so at least that saves me having to get a car-sharing car tomorrow and I can just go straight to the market. She'll park near there and I can unload fairly quickly. But, yeah, all of that would have been much easier to deal with if I was in a better mood, I feel.

James said...


How much water do you drink per day? Not enough, I am guessing.

I am currently doing a sugar cold-turkey. Not as bad as a caffeine cold turkey but water helps an awful lot. I am just back from the supermarket with no sugar in anything.

I have convinced myself (the truth is unknown) that I am pre-diabetic and that if I do not get my act together then I will end up like my father. I went around the supermarket with a look of disdain for anything that contained sugar.

After a sugar binge I would feel pain at the back of my eyes and a general feeling of "I want to die, now!" And so sugar is to go the way of caffeine. Unlike caffeine there will still be some sugar; fruit, juice etc. but no more sweets, chocks, cakes, bix etc.

I drink a pint of water when I get up and work my way through the next pint until I have something to eat in the morning. I am never one for a breakfast, first thing. I might have a glass or two of juice but it is watered down with 33% water. I have water after a meal to aid digestion and before to fill the stomach. Water whenever I slash because I just lost water. Water afore I go to bed.

Water, water, everywhere.... you better start drinking it! And don't buy it, for God's sake. You are of the bogs, as I am, only more so. We drink it from the river, if needs be.

Finally, Windows 10. Not for me. The download is on my disk and ready to roll. However, I think it is a Microsoft honey-trap (being free) and will lock you into future micro-payments once you are hooked. The younger generations have been had by the corporations and have bank accounts full of micro-payments. Poor them. Not for me. No recurring payments of any sort. When Microsoft stop supporting Windows 7 then I will run a legacy machine until I absolutely have no more use for it. Also I will go back to Linux. It's mature enough now. In the past I drifted back to Windows but not Windows 10. No thank you.

You could dual boot it and have 10 and Windows 7 available on your pooter. A try before you "bye".

Okay, I'll give over now.


Moonwaves said...

Hello bloke,
Of course I drink lots of water. Easily two litres a day, sometimes three or more. A lot more in summer, but with the heat we have here, that's obvious. Without wanting to disturb others by sharing too much, I tend to keep an eye on my pee and use that as an indicator of whether I need to drink more, or need to slow down (not reduce, just slow down) my consumption. I had a phase of bad kidney infections when I was in college and just after so I started to pay more attention to that kind of thing then.

I'm partial to a drink of milk sometimes and do like a herbal tea (and very occasionally a decaf black tea) but otherwise water is my main drink. And yes, from the tap, like a reasonable person. :) Although if I fancy a bit of something fizzy, I'll buy a bottle or two. At about 25c a big bottle here, it's not a huge expense. Still considering a soda stream but costwise, I think it comes out about the same so that would be more for convenience than anything else.

My laptop came preloaded with Windows 8 so I figured 10 probably couldn't be any worse. Like the idea of Linux but don't have the headspace to figure it all out at the moment. One day perhaps.

As for my bad mood, well, goods chances it's a hormone thing, since that's something my body has decided to play around with over the last year or so. Have also come down with a cold so that presumably wasn't helping. Anyway, had a lovely lunch today of Indian spiced cauliflower and potato, with loads of extra garlic and ginger, plenty of tumeric and onion. Hmm, yummy and healthy. And leftovers for dinner, too. It's a start. I know the evils of sugar but it'll be a long time, if ever, before I give that up. But a reduction in any processed foods means a reduction in sugar so as long as I keep heading towards making most of my own food properly, I'll be reducing it all that time. Have you read the book Pure, White and Deadly by John Yudkin? Can be found as a pdf online.