Sunday, June 01, 2014

How to lock your bike properly

Saw this earlier on LPA Rebuild and thought it was worth sharing. I haven't been out on the bike this year yet and really want to save up and get myself a ladies version of the bike I have so that I'm more likely to not be put off going for a cycle. I just wish the guy in this video had explained why he's so scathing about combination locks since that's what I have. Mind you, I also have a bike that cost me 20 euro and am using a lock that cost slightly more than that so going by his rule of thumb, I'm not doing too badly. Heehee.

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Jennifer said...

That is really wild - I have never given thought to bike locks. Well, around here, the kids leave them out and they rarely get stolen. It is pretty dangerous to ride a bike around on the main streets. I wish that would change though - I am very close to almost everything.