Sunday, June 29, 2014

Fasting and saving

Back to the Fast Diet this week, or at least trying to get there. I did my first fast day on Wednesday but part of that was needing to get something to eat before choir, as I wasn't quite organised enough to have something with me. Went to a pub near where we rehearse, thinking I might get some soup and noticed they had penna all'arrabbiata, which I remember from WeightWatchers days as being a relatively good restaurant choice. It was a huge portion though. Really far more than one person could manage, even one not trying to fast. I still ate a bit more than half, more than I really should have and I was stuffed. Otherwise it was a fairly successful fast day. Today was my second and it was also pretty good.

Went into work this morning to catch up on some desperately overdue printing out and saving of emails. As per usual, what I thought might take three hours or so took closer to five. I didn't have breakfast and planned to leave work by about half-twelve to get home for lunch by one. Ended up staying there until just past three but two squares of dark chocolate and a cup of vegetable broth (I have a small Tupperware container of bouillon powder in my drawer) kept me going for less than 120 calories. Along with a litre of water in my new Tupperware bottle, which I'm loving, I have to say. And when I got home, by the time I'd eaten my planned wrap with salad and tuna mixed with quark and some pickled onions I was very full. There was some chocolate cheesecake at the quiz this evening so I definitely went well over even though they were very small slices. I did walk home at least. And I'm set for bringing lunches this week, too.

But look what I got! A friend of mine has a small translation company and mentioned a while ago that she was very busy and would give me something to do. When I was at her house on Thursday evening we got talking about it again and she sent me a contract to do as a trial. I will admit that it was very difficult but she said that on first reading she was delighted with it. She's going to go through it in detail later and send me her marked-up version so that I can see the things she thinks don't quite fit (hopefully there won't be too many of them). And in the meantime, she handed me this in return:
Well, okay, I had to give her back a fiver, 'cos that was the price we'd agreed on (still far more than I was comfortable with for a first trial)  but still, I've decided that this is officially the start of my 40th birthday fund.  :-)
Along with getting mountains of washing done yesterday and all the washing up done today, I'm calling it a pretty successful weekend all round!


Amanda said...

Emails get the best of me all the time. They always take longer than I think they will!

I've never heard of drinking vegetable broth straight . . do you heat it up first?

Fiona said...

Congratulations on the translating income! I got excited seeing the note because I now have a reasonably good idea of what 100 euros can buy (although also how quickly they can be

Moonwaves said...

It was just a spoonful of bouillon powder dissolved in a mug full of boiling water. I had a colonoscopy a few years ago and on the afternoon and evening it was the only thing you were allowed to have apart from water or herbal tea. I found it strangely satisfying though, salty when I needed it and having something warm is always good. It's basically like a cuppa-soup. I used to use half a stock cube in a mug of water but then I found the containers of loose powder and I find them much better. And far less packaging, too.