Sunday, October 13, 2013

Meal plan

So, in an attempt to get out of my head a bit, I need to put together a belated meal plan for this week. I had friends visiting my town this weekend and we went to my favourite Korean restaurant (warning, that website comes with noise :) ) for dinner yesterday evening. They treated me and I returned the favour, so to speak, by buying breakfast this morning in another nice place, Florians. Budget for the week gone but well worth it. I opted for a very big breakfast so that I wouldn't even need to think about lunch and for dinner I've finished off the lentil cottage pie I made earlier in the week. It kept really well in the fridge, although the last portion was maybe a teensy bit dry in the lentil part of it. Potatoes were still fabulous though and heating it up again ensured a really nice crispy top to them. So, the weekend has taken care of itself and I just need to plan for the week. With so much on though, I've more or less decided to have a bread and cheese and cereal week.

Bread roll with tuna
Pasta with tomato sauce from the freezer

Sandwich with the rest of the tuna
Leftover pasta

Lunch out

Fasting but cup of hot chocolate after first meeting with counsellor, which is very early in the morning before work
Sandwich with cheese and dried tomatoes
Scrambled eggs

Lunch out or bought sandwich
Popcorn at cinema (have a voucher to use up before mid-November that includes popcorn)

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