Sunday, August 25, 2013

Sunday night chit-chat and sealed pot update

Time is flying by and I noticed this evening that the evenings are starting to draw in earlier. It's half-eight now and it's more than halfway to dark outside. I do generally like this time of year though, when there are still sunny days but the temperatures are dropping to more enjoyable levels (that's around 20 degrees for me). Don't need a jacket yet but long-sleeves don't go amiss and I'm more likely to wrap my cotton scarf around my neck in the evenings sitting outside than to need it for extra sun protection during the day.
Found this little pot the other week - perfect size for sterilising my mooncup in. Should save lots of water usage over the remaining lifetime of my mooncup. Have had my eye out for something like this for over a year now so was great to find it at a not too expensive price (6.95), as well.
On to tonight's chit-chat...

What are you:
Still haven't finished Transition but haven't had a lot of time to read, to be honest. Nearly 80% of the way through so might get it finished this week perhaps.

Veronica Mars (finished season 3 last week and started in on season 1 again this week)

Listening to
Thunder. Storm has just arrived overhead. In the fifteen minutes since I sat down to write this we've gone from halfway to dark to full dark, the thunder is no longer in the distance and a massive downpour of rain just started.

Carrot, cumin and kidney bean burgers/balls. Try them, they're delicious and so easy to make. Also made a chickpea salad to bring to a barbeque this afternoon. Unfortunately, the bad weather meant a not-great turnout so now I have far more left than I had planned for this week. Will have to do some switching about of my meal plan to accommodate it.

Happy you accomplished this week
Tried a new recipe. Despite not at all feeling like seeing people or being in public last Wednesday after work I met up with people from choir to visit the Japanese centre (EKO house), which has a Buddhist temple and a traditional Japanese house. Glad I did go in the end, it was lovely. Yesterday I cycled all the way into the city centre (about 15 minutes) and then home again later. Very pleased with myself for that. Also brought a couch cover and my summer duvet to be cleaned after having them sitting on the floor in a bag waiting for months and months.

Looking forward to next week
Lots going on this week. Choir night out at the Irish pub on Wednesday. Irish Days in Leverkusen on Friday. And, of course, the 3-day-novel contest starting on Saturday.

Grateful for this week
A relatively secure job with a decent paycheck at the end of each month. Even if I don't always do the most sensible things with my money.

Bonus question: Are you sad that summer is coming to an end, or looking forward to the fall months?
Funny that this is the question this week since in my last post I commented on how I like this time of year. In a way, I'm sorry that summer is coming to an end. I did a lot but in some respects (preserving food) have done almost nothing, and won't really have a lot of time in the last few weeks of the season to get a lot done. Still, I'm looking forward to slightly cooler weather and hoping to get lots of walking done. Would really like to get back to my old routine of going walking in the woods for a couple of hours on a Sunday morning. Even more so if I manage to get confident enough on the bike that I could cycle there, too.

If you want to join in with Sunday night chit-chat just post your answers to the questions above, add a photo, quote or whatever and head over to Half-Dozen Daily to link up with our lovely host, Carla.

And finally...
Sealed pot update
Still not managing more than the loose change from my purse, but I did clear that out three times this week. Every little helps.


~Carla~ said...

Cute little pot! :) Stupid question, but is that mooncup a menstrual cup? If so, how do you find it? Your visit the Buddhist temple sounds lovely... :) Sometimes when we don't want to go out, it's nice to anyways isn't it?

Moonwaves said...

No such thing as a stupid question :)
Yes, it's a menstrual cup. I love it. It did take me about six months to really get the hang of it but since then I haven't looked back. I wrote a review a while back if you're interested:
One of the things I love most about it (as well as the cloth STs I used before it) is the amount of money I have saved over the years. I really, really wish that someone had told me there were other options a lot sooner. Still makes me mad to think of the 20 years or so that I spent money on disposables. Well, okay, for the first few of those years it was my parents paying but you know what I mean.

Moonwaves said...

Oh, and I've added a link to the Japanese centre in case you're interested. It's just tucked away in the middle of the town, I don't think you'd see it at all if you weren't looking for it. I agree that it's often the time we force ourselves to go out that end up being the best nights.

Enie Dub said...

Cute pot to sterilise your mooncup( I'm a fan too!) in. Thanks for stopping by my blog - I like the sound of the mango puree dessert!

dND said...

As others have said, cute pot. And aren't the mooncups great too once you get the hang of them. I only had mine a few years, being much older than you, but even in that time they saved me so much money not to mention the landfill.

Re the duvet, over the last year or so the supermarkets, (in France) have started introducing self-service washing machines and the 18kg load one only costs 8€. If I sent my duvet to the commercial cleaners it would cost me more than double that.

Well done on clearing out the small change too, the other month I collected together all the 'bits' I'd thrown into various pots - I save 2€ pieces if I can too - and had enough to live on for the month! Now need to start again though so I hope I don't need any spare cash for a while :-)

Mrs. Mac said...

I'm past the stage of needing a mooncup .. but had to look it up :)

Thought you were fixing 'tea' .. LOL