Sunday, August 11, 2013

Sunday night chit-chat and sealed pot update

Having a great time on holiday, just chilling and hanging out with my sister and her family. With views like these, how could you not love it?

What are you:
Still working through both Transition by Iain Banks and Die Grosse Liebe by Hans-Josef Ortheil. Getting there, though.

Listening to
Television in the background and the last bits of cleaning up happening in the kitchen.

La Vita è Bella is on in the background. The kids are watching it with my older niece occasionally asking me if it's time to tell her younger sister to stop watching because it's getting too "serious".

I made loads of pastry today for my sister's freezer. It's the one thing I always get compliments on so when I'm here I make pastry, roll it out and roll it up in greaseproof paper and then put it into large ziploc bags to freeze. It's handy for her to have on hand once the school year starts and she's running around between teaching and bringing the kids to and from school and sports. Even better, I got to eat some this evening as my sister decided to make quiche.

Happy you accomplished this week
I've been having a lovely time on holidays, which is about all that was planned to be accomplished this week. I did get a lot done on Monday before leaving. Had an appointment with the pensions people and found out what I needed to submit to them to complete the transfer of my information from Ireland. Had my third appointment with the photographer and left my apartment somewhat clean and tidy before leaving (even washed the floor!). And I've put some thought into how I'll manage food and meal planning from September on.

Looking forward to next week
Another week of holidays.

Thankful for today
Family to share good times with.

Bonus question: can you walk well in high heels? Do you wear them often?
Nope and nope. Never really could and at my weight, it's just far too uncomfortable. Having said that, I do have two pairs of heels that I am looking forward to wearing again when I have lost weight. Although one pair might not fit me anymore at all. They have a block heel that's just above the height that would make them comfy enough for daily wear but are really cute with jeans (another thing I'm looking forward to wearing again). And I have some really cool boots with a heel that's not really too pointy but still high enough to count as high heels.

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And finally:
Sealed pot update
Actually, unlike some, I haven't done anything while on holidays to move my sealed pot savings along. I did loan my sister five euro and when she paid me back the next day I put it into my camera case. Going to try and keep it separate and then into the pot it goes when I get home.


Fiona said...

Beautiful views! Were these photos taken in Geneva?

Moonwaves said...

Nope, they're in France, where my sister lives. It's about an hour away from Geneva, so kind of on the other side of the mountains (down into the foothills, really, I suppose). Two of them are taken from her front garden - I spend a lot of time when I'm there just randomly wandering out to the garden or past the windows on that side, just to have a look.