Friday, May 24, 2013

Things I've been up to

Trying to get back in the habit of drinking herbal teas.  I'm not sure if it was something I ate or the fact that I was wearing trousers with a belt but I have been horribly bloated and had indigestion every day this week - I've kept it just about under control though by opening my last box of "flat tummy" tea, which is a digestive mix that my sister's local supermarket in France does.  I stock up when I visit here, every time promising myself that I will go to the tea shop here and buy the individual herbs to mix up my own batch.  It's great stuff, though and between that and peppermint tea, I've managed to keep the indigestion from really hurting.

There was no big decision to get back to eating properly and bringing lunch every day but this week has worked out in such a way that I only ate lunch out once (and that was on Wednesday, when I go straight to choir from work and I did bring a snack with me for after work, instead of stopping to get takeaway).  I even took some soup out of the freezer yesterday and heat that up before work this morning.  It's a bit depressing that heading into the last week of May it has been cold enough to appreciate a flask of warm soup for lunch, but it was lovely soup at least (the last of the spicy carrot and lentil soup).  I've also used up almost all of the leftovers I've had in the fridge this week, with just the rest of the jar of passata from Monday still to go.   And I only made one trip to the vending machine in work this week, too.

Tomorrow I plan to head to the market and buy enough veg to make a huge pot of soup.  To try and get my digestion system properly over whatever it is that's been going on this week, I've going to just eat that soup and maybe a bit of fruit over the weekend.  Maybe I'll finally get around to drinking that detox tea I bought in January (and just realised that I still have one of the two sweet potatoes I bought that day as well, might end up throwing that into the soup tomorrow, too).

I got the bill for participating in the Happy Birthday Handel performance of the Messiah next year so have paid that plus the deposit for the accommodation that weekend.  I had that amount saved in my new holiday fund already but to make things easier from a banking perspective I have just transferred a smaller amount to my annual expenses fund and used the rest to pay those bills. Whenever I get a chance to go into the bank I'll transfer the money from the holiday fund into the annual expenses fund (can only do transactions from those accounts in-branch) to even things up again.  But it was so nice to have that bit of money already put aside when the bills arrived.

For no particular reason this week I also started to clear up some of my email inboxes.  I've gotten back into the habit over the last few months of opening and deleting or filing most of what I get as soon as I get it but during the couple of years where I was badly depressed an awful lot of stuff built up.  Still have quite a way to go but it feels good to have made a start.

And finally, here are two amusing little youtube tidbits for a Friday evening (I'm going to see my first Wagner opera in a few weeks so this was particularly apt):

And I may be going to see the new Star Trek film tomorrow (that came up after I decided to do my mini-detox this weekend but I can survive one film without popcorn), which reminded me again of this ad:


Fiona said...

I wonder if 'flat tummy' tea is available in Australia?!

Hope the weekend detox goes well, a soup/fruit detox always makes me feel better. I must get a flask to take soup to work, too.

Maria said...

eI live on chicory coffee, chai and green tea.

I have at least two cups of chicory coffee in the morning, sip on iced green tea all afternoon and after dinner, a hot cup of chai tea while I sit on my back steps.

And I'm about as regular as it gets....