Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Mouldy apple sauce

Just noticed while chopping up some apples for the dehydrator, that one of the jars containing apple sauce from a couple of weeks ago has starting a mouldy patch.  Picked up the one next to it and it has the same problem.  The jars are still on the table because I haven't even gotten around to putting labels on them or filling in the total number to my log.  Oh well.  These two jars were ones which I didn't process in a water bath so obviously removing most of the juice must also remove a lot of the acid which allowed to do this before.  It's a pity as the water bath processing for apple sauce is a pain.  However, I've gotten some tips on how to manage it better so hopefully next time will see an improvement.  In the meantime I'm a bit annoyed because the two jars that have spoiled are leifheit jars with two part lids and that's just a waste of good lids!

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