Friday, November 05, 2010

Food Waste Friday 5 November 2010

I nearly had a no waste week but there was some mozarella in the fridge that I ended up not using when I bought it and all of a sudden, it's nearly a week past it's best before date.  I'm generally fairly flexible about dates but mozarella and feta cheeses are two things I just can't convince myself don't taste or smell a bit funny once they're past their dates.  So out it went.

Otherwise, I failed miserably on my second batch of applesauce cookies and now have a big tupperware container of crumbs at my disposal.  Very tasty crumbs mind you.  I had a friend over for dinner yesterday and she suggested I use them to make something else, which is a great idea.  She mentioned a brown betty (and I have to laugh because I remembered that today as a betty brown and googled it, getting a load of hits for a Texas politician which left my wondering if I had given my friend one too many glasses of wine with her dinner!).  So I might give that a try.  Or perhaps make a trifle type thing.  Or a cheesecakey type something.  So hopefully part of next week's waste won't be to report a load of crumbs going in the bin!

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