Saturday, October 02, 2010

Grocery spend

Returned one glass jar and got 50c deposit back.

Flassrath Apple Farm
750ml apple juice - 1 (returned empty bottle as well so no need to pay deposit)

Organic farmer no. 1
1 kg mixed colour tomatoes - 4.50
Bunch coriander - 1

Organic farmer no. 2
500g onions - 1.20
500g soup tomatoes (i.e. bruised or slightly damaged) - 1
little bit less than 500g plum tomatoes - 1 (half a kilo would normally cost 4.50 but I told him I only had 4 euro left so I didn't have quite enough for a full 500g along with the other things)

And that quickly ten euro is gone. And then I realised that I didn't have any limes left and only one lemon. I took 20 euro out of the bank, which is my book club money for the end of the month. Half has gone into an envelope and with the rest of it I bought:

2 limes - 1.30
3 lemons - 1.20

el Martin
5 fair trade bananas - 2.50

Reformhaus Hilger
750ml organic cider vinegar - 2.10
6 large organic eggs - 2.53

If it's that easy to suddenly be rid of 20 euro it's no wonder that I so frequently end up spending more than I have just through not paying attention and thinking that somehow or other it'll all work itself out!

I also ended up with a huge haul from the biogarten:
Four or five big handfuls of beans - dark purple, purple striped pods and green
4 tomatoes
Small bunch of grapes
Lots and lots of apples, some Cox, some windfalls of different varieties
Small punnet of raspberries (actually, I ate most of these while still there and finished the rest while waiting for the tram. Yum!)
Chinese cabbage
A few oniones, including one small red one with the top still attached, which is apparently also very good to eat.
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